How many other advertisers do we have to compete with?
The most important and unique aspect of the Explore Yorkshire District site is that you will be one of a restricted number of listings, as part of only one page under each category heading. Unlike many of our competitors who have literally hundreds of listings on each category we can guarantee that your property will always be on “page one”.

This gives four main advantages over our competitor’s websites:

1. As we only have one page, advertisers do not have to waste their valuable time constantly up-dating their listing to retain positioning. (As they will never have to compete with up to 400 other advertisers under the same category heading, to hold on to an early page slot.)

2. As we only have one page we do not have to use a complicated package of different levels and prices to achieve early positioning. All our advertisers are guaranteed first page positioning.

3. As we only have one page we can pick and choose which advertisers to accept. Retaining high standards of quality listings.

4. As we only have one page we provide exceptional customer service. Don’t take our word for it, follow the link on the home page to read the great testimonials. We constantly review our listings and promote the website and our advertisers whenever possible.



Do you use social networking sites?
We use Facebook on a daily basis as an additional networking tool, promoting our website and individual advertisers. If you have any special offers or news, just let Jenny know and she will tell our thousands of followers around the world. We also use Twitter to get our messages out there!



How much does it costs?

A simple £99.00 + vat fee for each entry covers the full annual subscription for one year from the date your property goes live on Explore Yorksire District

Discounted rates are available for multiple entries, speak to Jenny on 01900 823303 for a quotation

Are there any hidden costs?
Discounted rates are available for multiple entries, speak to Jenny on 01900 823303 for a quotation.

There are no hidden extras the prices quoted cover the annual subscription from the date going live on the website for one full year. We do not charge any kind of booking or referral commission.
We do offer a limited number of “Featured properties of the month” on a month by month basis at a cost of £25 per month, but you are under no obligation to take up this option, speak to Jenny on 01900 823303 for full details and to book your slots.
Amendments are carried out throughout the year free of charge (within reason!) and include both text and photograph changes. This encourages our advertisers to use seasonal photographs keeping the overall appearance of the site topical and constantly changing.


Are there any different entry levels or packages?
There are no complicated divisional levels on our website, as we restrict numbers in each category every property advertised will have a prime position on the first page.


What happens if there is already a full page under the category heading I’m interested in?
We feel very strongly that our best and unique feature of the www.explorelakedistrict.co.uk site is the limited availability. However we keep a waiting list in the office, and as spaces become available we usually have alternative properties lined up ready to go live. If your chosen category is full, speak to Jenny on 01900 823303 and register an interest.


Are you affiliated to any other company?
Explore UK Ltd is a completely independent company, we are not connected in any way to other tourism organizations, tourist boards and other Lake District websites. We do have other websites within the Explore UK portfolio including www.explorelakedistrict.co.uk and www.exploreyorkshiredistrict.co.uk



Do we have to fill in lots of complicated forms etc?
NO! absolutely not. You will need to fill in one simple booking form which we will e-mail to you, and send 6 good quality photographs. The IT Department will contact you when the webpage has been built to check details etc.
How do I monitor the success of the site?
We are one of the few sites that give potential customers clear and direct contact details and links to advertisers own website they follow these routes to get extra information and therefore use advertisers own enquiry system. To get a true representation of the success of our site ask your website provider for referral statistics from Explore. And of course, remember to ask telephone enquiries where they found you


How do we renew our subscription?
Approximately two weeks before the end of your year with Explore, we will contact you by e-mail, and invite you to re-new for a further 12 months. If we don’t hear from you it will be assumed that the subscription is to be renewed and an invoice will be sent out.

If you have any further questions or would like to advertise with us, contact Jenny on 01900 823303

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